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Quiksilver purchased the rights to use Eddie’s name. A surfing contest was begun at Sunset Beach in 1984-85 to honor Eddie. The first contest at Sunset was won by Denton Miyamura, a sponsored Town and Country surf rider. But it was quickly decided, according to an article in Stab Magazine, that the surfing community did not need another Sunset Beach contest. George Downing and Eddy Rothman got together with Quiksilver and outlined an event more fitting of Eddie’s legend. The event would be held at Waimea where Eddie had been a lifeguard and where the Aikau family had been the historic caretakers of Waimea Valley. The contest would be a one day winner take all event only held if the surf peaked between 20-40 feet. Invitations would be extended to surfers who had proved themselves at Waimea in big surf. They titled the event the Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational but informally as The Eddie. This video briefly explores that relationship between the Aikau family and Quiksilver. Thanks to Sarah Fox and Michael Leonard for the use of their music on this video.

The Surf Trivia Guy|Kyle Metcalf designer of Hawaii's Own Surf Coin |

Carissa Moore Four Time World Champion


Duke Kahanamoku prophesied that some day the Olympics might host a surfing competition. Since that has finally come true, Hawaii today honored Carissa Moore for her 4X World Surf League Women's Championship and for her invitation as the first Hawaiian surfer to represent the USA at the Japan Olympics in 2020. The ceremony was held at the Duke Kahanamoku statue in Waikiki. Jodi Wilmott hosted and Carissa and her husband Luke Unterman both spoke to the attending crowd. Congratulations Carissa for your athletic prowess and your role modeling for all young athletes to come.

Ingrid Seiple


Surfer Ingrid Seiple has an experience unmatched by another surfer. While surfing at a new surf break near Oahu's Kaena Pt., she is attacked out in the water by a wild boar pig. Here is her story the morning it happened. Unfortunately there is no footage of the attack, but the story is 100% true 12/18/ 2021. Thanks to Bill Brooks for the use of his music on this video.

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